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Balay Inato Pension Palawan Amazes You with Spectacular Culinary Treats

If you choose to stay at Balay Inato Pension House, your tummy will tell you why it’s truly one of the best places to stay in Palawan. We’re surrounded by the best restaurants in Palawan!

Haim Chicken Inato

One of the best incentives for staying over at Balay Inato Pension is Haim Chicken Inato, the first and original chicken house in Puerto Princesa. It’s where you’ll findthe city’s most flavorful and succulent grilled chicken.
From its humble beginnings in 1999, Haim Chicken Inato has managed to climb the ranks of the top restaurants in Puerto Princesa and has stayed on the “it list” for the last 15 years. 

It’s no surprise actually. The restaurant’s signature dish, from which it’s named after, Chicken Inato—a delicious barbecue chicken dish marinated in sweet tangy sauce and grilled to perfection—is a popular recommendation not only by locals but also by tourists who have tried this place. Word of mouth, as you know, is still the best marketing strategy!

Apart from offering the best grilled chicken in Palawan, Haim Chicken Inato has an extensive menu that boasts of other equally tantalizing Filipino favorites like kare-kare, Bicol express, kaldereta, pancit bihon, chicken adobo, kilawin, beef menudo, beef nilaga, adobong kangkong, sizzling bulalo, grilled blue marlin, shrimp halabos, and sinigang na maya-maya, among so many others. 

For a bigger group, Haim Chicken Inato offers a seafood bilao consisting of fresh tanigue, blue marlin, squid and shrimp—definitely a to-die-for menu choice for any seafood lover.

The food is just one of the many things to love about this place. You’ll have a wonderful time exploring the restaurant’s unique setting, stylish décor, and exquisite artworks and photographs, which are by the owner’s talented sons. You’ll also appreciate the friendliness and efficiency of the restaurant staff, which would make your visit even more pleasurable. 

Another distinct quality of this restaurant is the method of eating your chicken. Even if you’ve never tried it before, expect to have loads of fun eating with your hands (spoon, fork and knife are optional). You’ll discover for yourself that this is indeed the best way to devour the tastiest kinds of chicken, especially the restaurant’s chicken inato.

Contact us:

SMART: 09985489443
GLOBE: 09178491994
LAND LINE: (048) 433-2261

Explore Other Puerto Princesa Restaurants in the Area

If you’re like most of our guests, you’d probably be so satisfied with our flagship restaurant Haim Chicken Inato that you would not want to take your chances with the other restaurants in the city.
BUT since we’re not the kind to hog all our guests, and we’re more concerned about you having a full experience during your stay with us (even if it means trying out eateries other than ours), allow us to give our recommendations. 

There are a number of other good restaurants in the city, some of which are just a stone’s throw away from Balay Inato. 

Well, the proximity of a wide range of restaurants (offering a wide range of cuisine) is another excellent reason why Balay Inato is the best place to stay in Palawan. 

Hukad may seem a little intimidating at first especially for the budget traveler but take a look at its giant menu by the entrance and you’ll see how affordable many of their dishes are. One of their bestsellers is crispy dinuguan. This restaurant is in front of One Manalo Complex, beside the Balay Inato compound. 

White Fence Café
A charming café that offers international and Filipino cuisine, White Fence Café may be a “new kid in the block” but many have already been impressed by their friendly service, comprehensive menu, and wonderful European countryside décor. Try out their buffalo wings, green salad, and chocolate cake. White Fence Café is just beside Hukad (One Manalo Complex).

Captain Ribs
For good ribs, come to Captain Ribs. It’s located right across Hukad. It has plenty of options when it comes to grilled dishes. 
As you can see, most of the restaurants near Balay Inato offer different kinds of cuisine, which is an attractive deal, especially for foodie travelers.

Try Other Local Restaurants in Puerto Princesa

Apart from Hukad, White Fence Café and Captain Ribs, which are all located in the same street as Balay Inato, there are other wonderful restaurants in the town proper. The two that land in most travelers’ itineraries are Ka Lui and Kinabuch.

Ka Lui
Ka Lui is a premier seafood restaurant in Puerto Princesa that welcomes a lot of visitors all year round. If you’d like to visit Ka Lui, it’s a good idea to make a reservation first since it’s usually packed especially at night.

Kinabuch is a resto sports bar and is considered one of the most popular watering holes in the city. Be sure to try its popular dish: tamilok (slimy wood worm that’s been a famous treat among tourists). 

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