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At Balay Inato Pension, Palawan, guests are not just treated to excellent accommodations. One of the perks of staying here is that Palawan’s iconic chicken house, Haim Chicken, is just a few meters from your doorstep.


Haim Chicken is Balay Inato’s flagship dining establishment and is frequented by those looking for the best restaurant in Palawan. Located in the same compound at 294 Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa, the restaurant operates daily from 9:00 am until 10:30 pm.

Haim Chicken first opened its doors in January 17, 1999, introducing Palawan’s take on the famous Bacolod dish called “Chicken Inasal.” Palawan’s version was dubbed “Chicken Inato,” which roughly translates to “this is our chicken or chicken natin ito".

Haim Chicken, Palawan’s pioneer in the grilled chicken business, popularized the dish with its tender and succulent chicken barbecue offering, marinated in a sweet and tangy sauce and grilled to perfection. 

Chicken inato fast became a favorite among locals and tourists and remains the restaurant’s signature and best-selling dish. It is also highly recommended on TripAdvisor Palawan restaurant reviews.

Haim Chicken’s specialty is a generous serving of a whole leg or wing (your choice) on a skewer paired with pickled unripe papaya and rice. You can always eat this with a spoon and fork or knife, but the best way to enjoy this juicy and tasty dish is to use your hands!

While it is best known as Palawan’s original chicken house, Haim Chicken offers a host of beef, seafood and vegetable dishes. For a taste of Filipino flavors, we serve kare-kare, kaldereta, Bicol express, sizzling bulalo, chicken adobo, kilawin, shrimp rebosado, nilaga and sinigang (shrimp, maya-maya or lapu-lapu).

Also on the menu is the seafood bilao. This set, which is perfect for small groups, consists of fresh tanigue, blue marlin, squid and shrimp. 
On the beverage front, the top customer choices are the buko and mango shakes, although we also offer a lot of other fruit-flavored drinks.

With diverse offerings, Haim Chicken makes for a satisfying al fresco dining experience. Just like Balay Inato, this outdoor restaurant has a laidback feel. Most of the tables are set under nipa (straw) huts. There’s also a multipurpose hall for large group gatherings or feasts.

As a bonus, diners are also treated to stylish decor and exquisite artworks and photographs courtesy of the owner’s talented sons.

You can also expect the same efficient service that has made Balay Inato the best place to stay in Palawan. Our restaurant staff is friendly and courteous. Everyone on board is ready to serve.

From word-of-mouth recommendations for its delectable dishes and unique setting, Haim Chicken has landed on every traveler’s list of must-try restaurants in Puerto Princesa and has for years been considered one of the best restaurants Palawan has to offer.

Last January 17, 2017, Haim Chicken celebrated its 18th anniversary with the theme “18 Years of Good Food and Good Memories!” We look forward to many more years of giving our guests a memorable and pleasant dining experience.

Contact us:

SMART: 09985489443
GLOBE: 09178491994
LAND LINE: (048) 433-2261


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