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Guests Rave About Their Awesome Experience at Balay Inato Pension Palawan

At Balay Inato Pension Palawan, we take care of our guests the best way we know how. And that’s with efficient, personalize, friendly and no-nonsense customer service. We give you everything you need to have the best vacation in Palawan. Check out what our previous guests have to say about our lovely pension house.

“I was looking for a nice place to stay at in Palawan for a weekend business trip, and at the last minute I booked a double room at Balay Inato. I wasn’t expecting much since the rate is pretty low. I think I only paid P1,200 for the room (good for 2 but I was traveling alone that time). I was really surprised when I arrived. The room was clean, the staff was very efficient and welcoming, and also, there’s a restaurant in the compound. Really good value for money!”

--Martin, businessman, 42, from Manila

“My boyfriend and I are adventurous backpackers and we love going around the Philippines. Last year, we decided to visit the famous El Nido but since we also wanted to see the Underground River, we decided to stop by Puerto Princesa first. Being the thrifty backpackers that we are, we searched the web to find great deals on accommodations. But most that we could find were out of our budget! Then my friend recommended Balay Inato and insisted that we stay there. It’s not as cheap as backpacker’s places we’ve been to before, which would only charge you P500 to P750 per bed. BUT we decided to go for it (my friend was pretty insistent). And it was an excellent decision. The best thing we love about Balay Inato is the peace and quiet at night, which would really give you a good night’s sleep. If you stay at those inns near the bayan, you’ll hear noisy trikes throughout the day. And also, the chicken at Chicken Inato was so yummy!”

--Christellyn, call center agent, 24, from Manila

“We had a family reunion in Palawan (many of my relatives are from Puerto Princesa and Taytay but my family moved to Davao when I was a kid so I’ve only been here a couple of times) and stayed at Balay Inato for three days and two nights. It’s a charming pension house with nice amenities and facilities. The owner Beth is a nice lady who makes sure that her guests feel at home. My family, especially my parents (cranky senior citizens), really had fun because the staff is efficient, and all our needs were taken care of. Will definitely stay here again when we come back for our next family reunion.”

--Gerardo, 33, government employee, from Davao

“My favorite pension house in Palawan! Balay Inato always makes my vacation in Palawan memorable. I go here every summer, sometimes with my family or friends. All of them who have gone on a vacation with me like the cozy atmosphere at Balay Inato and of course, the chicken inato, best in town as the locals say!”

--Kimmy, 21, travel photographer, from Manila

“My husband and I were on a honeymoon trip and we had a major blooper over at the hotel where we originally planned to stay. We booked a room for two through an online travel website but when we got to the hotel, they couldn’t find our booking. The rate was pretty hefty and we didn’t want to pay again! Anyway, long story short, we left that hotel and tried to find another. We walked and walked and walked until we saw this pleasant pension house that seemed really homey. And the rate was very cheap! Only $32 for a room good for two! Balay Inato really saved our honeymoon trip from becoming a disaster. Thank you, Balay Inato!”

--Alexa, 35, accountant, from Wyoming U.S.

“I love Balay Inato’s simple but comfortable interiors, clean washroom, and friendly staff. The owners are very friendly too. I enjoyed my stay here and would do it again when I come back to Palawan. Thanks to the staff and owners of Balay Inato!”

--Kylie, 27, nurse, from Ontario, Canada

“I was my best friend’s maid of honor for her wedding, and was in charge of organizing a bridal shower for her. I tried to look for hotels and inns around Puerto for our intimate gathering with our friends. But the thing I noticed about other hotels is that they’re friendlier to foreigners and tourists, and not so much with the locals, which I think is quite bad since we’re paying customers as well. Good thing, I thought about going to Balay Inato to check out their place, and the staff is very welcoming even though they know we’re from here. Actually, they were also excited about our event, and made sure that everything was taken care of. Like when we needed an extra table to put the bride’s bridal shower gifts on, they immediately attended to our request. They were really nice. We also had fun dining at Chicken Inato, which as always served excellent chicken. My best friend had so much fun during her bridal shower that she decided to stay here at Balay Inato on the eve of her wedding. More power to Balay Inato and its staff!”

--Jessica, 23, preschool teacher, from Puerto Princesa


Balay Inato Pension

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